The Haven Church of England Methodist Primary School

The Haven Church of England Methodist Primary School

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Special Educational Needs

In line with our Christian ethos, we believe that each child is unique, with different gifts and talents, and a different rate of growth and educational development.  All pupils will be encouraged to reach their full potential through a variety of teaching and learning methods, with regular assessment on progress and attention to individual needs.


Some children will have special educational needs that can best be supported by one-to-one or small group teaching, or by a behaviour modification programme, usually within the class group.  A few children will have their needs set out in an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC).  The school will seek to use the full range of professional agencies available in appropriate circumstances.


As joint partners with the school in the education of their children, parents will be fully consulted about the development of individualised programmes, and kept informed about how they can help their child make good progress.  The aim at all times is for every child to follow the full National Curriculum and to benefit from those additional activities that the school has to offer. 

If you have any SEND queries, please contact the school office on 01323 471781 and ask to speak to Mrs Jemma Langley or email

East Sussex County Council Local Offer

East Sussex Parent Carer Forum


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