The Haven Church of England Methodist Primary School

The Haven Church of England Methodist Primary School

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Early Years


At The Haven School, in our Early Years Foundation Stage we want learning to be fun and imaginative. We know that children come into school with a wide variety of experiences. Therefore, as a result we review our topics regularly to ensure that our topics develop and grow with the children and that learning is tailored to the children’s interests.

Our goal is to develop inquisitive, confident learners who ask questions, problem solve and show resilience in their learning whilst fostering independence. Our children develop a secure foundation with the essential skills, knowledge and attitudes that prepare them for a smooth transition into Year One. Our staff support this through shared experiences as well as positive relationships and partnerships with parents and carers. 

We strive to provide good quality teaching and learning in an environment where everyone is nurtured and cared for. We continually promote our school Christian Values of respect, courage, responsibility, justice, compassion and hope. Our school motto God in all we do underpins everything we do.  

We are committed to providing a curriculum which is broad, balanced and stimulating, enriched with learning experiences and opportunities. We provide opportunities for a mixture of child initiated and adult led learning as well as the direct teaching of reading, writing and maths daily.  

Our learning environments include two classrooms and an outside classroom. The children are able to choose the areas that they would like to learn in throughout the day. This facilitates them to play, engage, enquire, discover and reflect as they explore the world around them. Our children develop a love of learning and are confident learners. Through meaningful interactions and conversations, we focus on developing language acquisition and expanding the children’s vocabulary. This enables children to use language proficiently and develop the tools to become effective communicators.