The Haven Church of England Methodist Primary School

The Haven Church of England Methodist Primary School

Let your Light Shine


Our vision shines out through our termly Christian values. We focus on a value every term and the children are supported to learn the value through the Bible and through inspirational people and acts. These values are woven through school life including our curriculum both RE and wider.

Our RE is broad and inclusive.  We value all children in our school and our school is a Haven for many and non-faith children who are supported to explore their spirituality. We give opportunities for reflection and deep questions and time to reflect upon and explore the children’s questions and thoughts.


Our children enjoy the many experiences given in RE and we enjoy being creative to give them a broad offer in the academic subject, including visitors and visits.

We do all the good we can and we shine our light both within our school and more broadly towards our local community but also towards the world around us.  We have many child leadership positions at the school enabling children to become responsible citizens who feel empowered to make a difference.  This enables the children to make links to their academic learning and their world around them.  Our staff and children develop strong partnerships with the local community and think of ways we can support them.

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