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The Haven Church of England Methodist Primary School

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Online Safety

This section refers to how Online Safety is taught in our school, if you require any assistance with Online Safety, please see this page (Link)

At The Haven, we recognise our children’s lives will be far more online than any previous generation and at even younger ages. Therefore, we prioritise the teaching of Online Safety to prepare our children with the strategies and knowledge to explore the adult focused online world in a safe and respectful manner.

Our curriculum is based on Education for a Connected World produced by UK Council for Internet Safety. Arranged into 8 strands of learning, the 149 statements progress our pupils through all aspect of digital life.

Self-image and identity

This strand explores the differences between online and offline identity beginning with self-awareness, shaping online identities and how media impacts on gender and stereotypes. It identifies effective routes for reporting and support and explores the impact of online technologies on self-image and behaviour.

Online relationships

This strand explores how technology shapes communication styles and identifies strategies for positive relationships in online communities. It offers opportunities to discuss relationships and behaviours that may lead to harm and how positive online interaction can empower and amplify voice.

Online reputation

This strand explores the concept of reputation and how others may use online information to make judgements. It offers opportunities to develop strategies to manage personal digital content effectively and capitalise on technology’s capacity to create effective positive profiles.

Online bullying

This strand explores bullying and other online aggression and how technology impacts those issues. It offers strategies for effective reporting and intervention and considers how bullying and other aggressive behaviour relates to legislation.

Managing online information

This strand explores how online information is found, viewed and interpreted. It offers strategies for effective searching, critical evaluation and ethical publishing.

Health, well-being and lifestyle

This strand explores the impact that technology has on health, well-being and lifestyle. It also includes understanding negative behaviours and issues amplified and sustained by online technologies and the strategies for dealing with them.

Privacy and security

This strand explores how personal online information can be used, stored, processed and shared. It offers both behavioural and technical strategies to limit impact on privacy and protect data and systems against compromise.

Copyright and ownership

This strand explores the concept of ownership of online content. It explores strategies for protecting personal content and crediting the rights of others as well as addressing potential consequences of illegal access, download and distribution.

Online Safety is taught throughout the year by Class Teachers, supported by the Computing Lead, using a range of resources and activities sourced from high quality services. Each term begins with a cartoon quiz-based assessment to ensure activities are focusing on what the children need to learn. Lessons are approached as an open forum where children are encouraged to share their experiences and ask questions.