The Haven Church of England Methodist Primary School

The Haven Church of England Methodist Primary School

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Effectiveness of Religious Education

At The Haven, we are committed to providing a high-quality Religious Education (RE) curriculum that engages and inspires our students. Our RE curriculum is carefully designed to ensure that pupils develop a deep understanding of diverse religious and non-religious traditions, worldviews, and concepts.

Drawing from the latest research and guidance from OFSTED, our curriculum focuses on enhancing students' substantive knowledge in RE. We believe that it is essential for pupils to learn about different religions and beliefs in an accurate and meaningful way. Our subject leaders carefully select curriculum content that reflects the global and historical complexity of religion and non-religion, enabling students to build a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Our RE curriculum goes beyond the acquisition of knowledge. It encourages pupils to reflect on their own assumptions about religion and challenges them to consider different perspectives. Through thought-provoking topics and discussions, students have the opportunity to explore their own values, experiences, and sense of identity in relation to religion.

We understand the importance of continuous improvement and collaboration in curriculum development. Our staff have regular opportunities to provide feedback on the curriculum, ensuring that it remains relevant, engaging, and effective. We also stay connected with the wider RE subject community, drawing on the latest ideas and developments to enrich our curriculum.

By providing a rigorous and inclusive RE curriculum, we aim to empower our pupils to become informed global citizens who can navigate and contribute to a diverse and complex world. We are proud of the impact our RE curriculum has on our pupils' knowledge, critical thinking skills, and appreciation for religious and non-religious perspectives.