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The children’s ability to communicate in English is key to their success in future life.

Children are given opportunities to speak, discuss and question, and acquire in a systematic way, the skills of reading, writing, grammar, spelling and handwriting. Children are introduced to a range of literature, both fiction and non-fiction, poetry, and encouraged to write clearly, creatively and for different purposes. Accuracy in spelling and structure is developed, together with style and legibility.

In the early years of school life children are taught to read by a systematic synthetic phonics programme. Every child is taught to decode text quickly and effortlessly so that all efforts can go into comprehension of what is being read. Children who are learning to read will use Ruth Miskin’s highly acclaimed Read Write Inc. programme. This starts in reception and the aim is that all children are able to read simple text by the age of 6.

Once children are reading fluently, they move (usually in Key Stage 2) to a text-based approach using whole class texts as well as the Literacy and Language scheme. At this point children focus on the comprehension of text.

In Key Stage 2 the Accelerated Reader Programme is used to promote children’s reading skills and enjoyment.

Children are assessed to determine their reading ability, and can then choose from a range of recommended titles at their reading level. Once they have finished a book, they complete a simple quiz to check that they have read and understood it, and then are given a further list of recommended titles to choose from. 

In this way, children can build their reading skills and stamina, and are not put off by books that are too basic or too demanding for them. They also have fun completing quizzes and earning points along the way towards individual targets and class targets. Struggling readers are well supported, and high achievers are encouraged to read books that really engage and challenge them.



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