The Haven CE Methodist Primary School

The Haven CE Methodist Primary School

God in all we do.

Governor Information

What is the role of the Board of Governors

The School’s Governing Board is an extremely committed body of fourteen people, made up from various sections of the school community. Governors are responsible for all the statutory aspects of school such as agreeing and monitoring the implementation of the school development plan and making key strategic decisions to ensure all statutory duties are met. They support and promote the Christian ethos of the school. Additionally, the Governors are responsible for agreeing the school’s budget plan, senior appointments, Health and Safety, and make decisions on building improvements and capital projects.

As a Voluntary Aided primary school the Governing Board is responsible for contributing 10% of the funds required for all capital works. Governors are involved in the everyday life of the school, often visiting to see the children and learn more about our wonderful school.


Wheel of Governance

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