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School Uniform

It is our policy that all children should wear school uniform when attending school or when participating in a school-organised event outside normal school hours. Most of the uniform can be purchased at numerous retail outlets around the town. The sweatshirt is available for sale, along with book bags, P.E. kit bags and sunhats, from C & S Team Wear. These all bear the school logo. Parents are able to place orders on-line and all items are delivered to your home address or school. These items can be ordered via our school website by following link below.

We attach great importance to the appearance of our pupils, and their standard of dress. We hope the children will gain a sense of belonging to the school community by wearing the uniform. For these reasons, we ask that children and parents ensure that it is worn smartly and with pride. To support parents in purchasing the correct school uniform we have a display of the boy’s and girl’s uniform in our main entrance area.

Winter Uniform ~ This can be worn throughout the year.

Traditional grey knee length skirt/pinafore dress or traditional grey trousers. Trousers should be either flat/pleated front with no large pockets (no cargo or combat style trousers or black trousers please)

White polo shirt.

School sweatshirt or cardigan with embroidered logo (which can be ordered through C & S Team Wear)

Black low/no heeled shoes (no trainers or open toed shoes, please)

Grey or white socks or grey tights.

Optional Summer Uniform ~ After Easter through to the end of the October term.

Navy and white checked (i.e. gingham) dress with short sleeves (No pale blue checked dresses please)

Traditional grey shorts flat/pleated front (no cargo or combat style shorts)

Socks, colours as above, must be worn. White tights may be worn with the navy and white checked dresses.

Please ensure that all uniform is labelled clearly with your child’s name.

P.E. Kit

Pupils should wear plain navy shorts and a white tee-shirt. Black plimsolls or trainers (not black soled) must be worn. For safety reasons, children who do not have their kit will not be able to participate in the lesson. Navy jogging trousers and navy fleece zipped tops may be worn for outsides P.E.


On health and safety grounds we do not allow children to wear jewellery in our school. The exceptions to this rule are ear-ring studs in pierced ears, and a small wrist watch. We ask the children to remove these objects before PE and games.

Extreme haircuts

For health and safety issues, children with hair longer than shoulder length should wear it tied back. Only navy, school green or hair coloured hair accessories such as scrunchies or ribbons are permitted. We also request that pupils have hairstyles that are appropriate for school. Exaggerated hairstyles such as shaved patterns, tramlines, close shave and Mohican cuts are not permitted.

The following are not permitted

Shoes with high heels (>5 cm), backless, trainers (except for PE), or other informal styles. (No canvas or visibly badged footwear)

Nail varnish

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