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Termly Learning Conferences


Termly Learning Conferences are a three-way conversation about the progress and learning of your child. They are a fantastic opportunity to find out about your child’s learning from both your child and their teachers. TLCs are inclusive in nature and designed to be used with all children. Developing their language of learning takes children time and, as you see your child grow, you will also see them develop and refine this valuable skill.

We believe and research supports that children who understand themselves as learners will make better progress and achieve more. The TLCs have therefore been carefully designed so that the emphasis is around developing a shared language for learning between pupils, their teachers and parents/carers.  As such, the TLC is designed to go beyond a purely ‘academic’ review of standards and progress, as it also provides an opportunity to identify factors which help or hinder progress and achievement.

TLCs enable parents and carers to support their children’s progress by ensuring that they are informed about the learning skills that are being taught and developed at The Haven CE/Methodist Primary School and plan ways in which those skills can be practiced and nurtured outside the school environment. As a result parents/carers are better informed about how they can support their children’s learning. Therefore TLCs complement and nurture a helpful partnership with parents/carers.

Regular communication between teachers and parents/carers is vital; however the TLCs are not designed to be a place to discuss particular worries or concerns that you may have.

If you have any concerns or questions about your child at any point in the term, please do not hesitate to call as quickly as possible and make an appointment with your child’s class teacher in order for us to address such issues immediately as these will not be included within the TLC format.

You can book your TLC appointment using Parent Mail or by calling the school office

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