The Haven Voluntary Aided CofE/Methodist Primary School

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Mathematics is taught daily in line with the Primary Curriculum using the 3-1-1 structure (3 lessons per week on number and calculation, 1 lesson per week on geometry, statistics and measure and 1 lesson on problem solving using STOPS [Sequenced Teaching of Problem Solving]). In Key Stage 1 the emphasis is on developing a wide range of mental skills and strategies.  In Key Stage 2 we build on these skills and strategies while introducing more formal pencil and paper skills. The school has a Calculations Policy which determines how calculations are taught.


At The Haven we have adopted the Ray Maher’s Maths Passports. Ray is a national and international advocate for successful mathematics teaching, who believes in teaching children key skills: skills for real life, such as children knowing their ‘times tables’ off by heart and having one efficient method for the four number operations. The Haven Primary School has embraced this innovative resource. This is a personalised way of learning as children are not working on the same passport for their year group but on individual passports for the level they are working at. They progress at their own speed onto the next stage.

The passport targets are incorporated into the oral mental maths starters. The children are assessed on these targets at regular intervals by completing a timed task. Three ticks next to a target indicate that the target has been achieved and the child then moves onto their next target. Once all the targets on the passport they are working on are achieved, this is celebrated during in an assembly and the children are awarded a certificate in recognition of this achievement. The child then moves onto their next maths passport.


Space Targets 9-14.pdf

World Passport Targets.pdf